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5.4 Million Lost Health Insurance Due to Coronavirus

According to a recent study by FamiliesUSA, 5.4 million laid-off workers in the United States have become uninsured due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the layoffs grow in the coming months, many more individuals may be at risk of losing their employer health insurance. Under normal circumstances in between jobs, you may take the risk of being temporarily uninsured. Now is not the time to go without health insurance if you can avoid it. COVID-19 amplifies both the risk of needing health care and having challenges paying for that care. But where do you start? Many individuals have no idea how to navigate health insurance, as they have always been covered by their employer. This is where UIA Health Insurance can help. Below are three options on how to obtain coverage:

1. Marketplace / Obamacare coverage

2. Private options - Short Term Medical plans or Christian Health Ministry plan

3. COBRA (extension of employer's plan - usually very pricey) If you or someone you know is without health insurance, contact us for a free no-obligation quote. Our individual specialist, Mackenzie, will help you find a plan that is both affordable and will protect you against any major medical expenses incurred.

Mackenzie Utpadel

(920) 215-4995

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