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Employee Benefits

The right benefits plan AND a streamlined process with one agency.

Let us keep your employees and your business healthy. 

Business owners and organizations have many choices for obtaining benefits. As employer health insurance advisors, we strive to simplify the process for you and your employees. Our expertise enables us to find the right plan more efficiently than our competitors and offer your organization a streamlined process. At UIA, we will assist you in developing benefit strategies and make it our priority to monitor your plan continuously throughout the year, to ensure your benefits package gives you the most value for your money.

We have a selection of big-agency benefits with small-agency service. This is truly the best of both worlds to provide you with the healthcare benefits services your company needs.

Group Health Insurance

We will help you determine if a fully insured, level self-funded or self-funded makes the most sense for your company and budget.

Group Dental

Dental is an attractive element to add to your benefits package for diagnostic, preventative and corrective services.

Group Vision

A vision plan can help diagnose more serious health conditions. We will help you find an affordable plan for your employees.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Gives your employees beneficiaries extra financial protection in the case of death of an employee.


An essential part of your benefits package, short and long-term disability insurance protects your employees from a temporary loss of income.

Accident Plans

Provides a cash benefit that can be used for deductibles and other expenses should you require medical treatment from an accident.

Critical Illness

A voluntary policy that helps employees financially if they experience a critical illness.

Health Savings 

Accounts (HSA)

A qualified health plan that allows employees to pay for medical, dental or vision expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)

Contribute money to an HRA, which allows employees to purchase their own coverage.

Customer Service

  • Dedicated team of agents who monitor the industry trends

  • We are not a call center; speak to our agents directly

  • Enrollment, billing and administrative assistance 

  • Customized tools and resources to educate your employees

Benefits Support

  • We assist your employees in enrolling and accessing employee benefits

  • We educate your employees on where they can make changes and get information about their benefits


  • Employer/Human Resource portal with a wide-range of documents, from compliance matters to legislative updates, that managers can send to employees or print for the workspace

  • Employee portal with plan information, benefit assistance and health & wellness information available 24/7.

Are you ready for results? Call us today at (920) 215-4995 or request an appointment here.

Why Work With UIA?

Meet Your Advisors

Pam Utpadel

President / Advisor

Sam Rein, REBC®

Employee Benefit Manager / Consultant


Andrew Warden

Employee Benefit Advisor

Jen Kitzman

Employee Benefit Support

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